Server Issues – a blogger’s nightmare


PSA: I apologize for the site issues that have been happening lately. 

I’ve been using the same hosting company for years, and lately things have kind of went a bit south. Yesterday I was informed that my shared server was having issues because of another user… and well, that didn’t sit well so I upgraded to a new WordPress Optimized [VPS/managed server]. So little ol’ Manifest Yourself has it’s own server.

So, ya know, there shouldn’t be anymore issues or downtime, right?

Until there was. 

I really don’t know what’s wrong, so I called back and also spoke with my designer to get more information. Apparently, I should be looking into switching my hosting service all together. So, that’s in process. I can’t promise that there won’t be any additional downtime this week, but I’m going to try my very best to eliminate that all together. 

BUT I thought this would be a great time to explain the different types of servers. I had NO idea about the options until yesterday. All I’ve done in the past is purchase a domain name [for as cheap as possible] and do the 1-click install option for hosting. I didn’t ask questions, and I never called support unless I really needed too. However, now I know that there are really 3 types of server options when you manage your own website.



This is what most people have. You are in a shared environment where all of the people on the selected server share all of the resources. So, if someone isn’t playing nice in the virtual sand box, it affects you. It’s like being in an office setting where someone keeps warming up fish in the lunch room and stinking up the entire office. Most people try not to be that annoying person, but there are others who don’t care, and you’re forced to deal with it everyday. 


This is a bit better than shared hosting since you don’t have to share all of the same resources with other people. You have dedicated resources for you and your site so you should be less affected by others. Some people also call this “managed hosting” or “WordPress Optimized” since you have dedicated people in customer service to help you when this go wrong – but for the most part, if you aren’t doing anything crazy, this type of hosting should suffice. I was also informed that if you “go viral” this is the package that would be able to handle the surge in traffic. You are “technically” still sharing a server with others, but the sharing environment is much smaller, and you are protected outages [for the most part].


This is the big girl/boy package. Nothing can affect you and your server accept you. You have all of your own resources and you’re probably running a powerhouse website. People like Pat Flynn use services like this. You essentially own your server and everything that happens in it. 

I know this post is much more tech heavy than I usually dig into, but if you manage a website, this info may be useful to you. I definitely didn’t know there were options like this. 

And since we are getting all technical today – I guess this is time to say that I’m also about to redesign my site! I’ve had this design for 2+ years, and well, I’ve been talking [and talking and talking] about all of the new things I want to bring to ya’ll and I think I need a new site to help out with that. I’ve hired a long time blogger turned friend Victoria McGinley for design and Lisa Butler for development. I’m waaaaaay too excited. I can’t even begin to explain. 

I’ve known Victoria for awhile and completely trust her which is 110% comforting. We officially started yesterday and are set to launch in August [ish] — soooo we shall see! I’m excited.

What type of server do you have?

And what company do you use to host your site? [all recommendations are greatly appreciated!]



  1. Sam says:

    This is fantastic! I am so glad to see this explained!

    5.26.16 ·

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