Dear Woman with the Perfect Body

Dear Woman with the Perfect Body

*If I had written a letter to the woman that I saw at the gym this morning, this is what I would have said.*

Dear Woman with the Perfect Body,

I see you. I see you every single morning when I come into the gym at 6:15am. You’re always running 100 miles per hour on the treadmill and men break their necks as your booty jumps up and down. Normally, I go about my own business, but today you decided to finish up your workout in the area where I normally hide and do my own exercises.

I was sweating profusely doing a circuit of 3 exercises that kill me every time, and you walk over glistening. Yes, glistening. You know, cause pretty girls in the gym never sweat, they glisten.

As I huffed and puffed through my circuit, you started to stretch. My oh my – I have never seen a woman stretch the way you did. I started to question my own sexuality as I saw you do yoga poses that didn’t even look like yoga anymore. And then you did something that shocked me, as you layed all the way back into a deep hamstring stretch, you started to twerk. Yes, like your body didn’t already grab the attention of every single man, and probably woman too, in the gym. 

You twerked, danced, and mouthed the lyrics to what looked like your favorite songs while you stretched and went into this super intense ab workout. I finished my own circuit looking like a hot sweaty mess and moved myself over to do some HIIT cardio on the bike. Still, you were in my line of view.

I must say, girl you were killing it. AND I can tell that you work hard for that body, so I can’t even be mad. As I look at you with envy, I imagine that God created your body right after Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, but before Nicki Minaj. #justsayin

But today, instead of cursing you out in my own mind… I used you as motivation. As you killed those ab exercises, I pushed myself harder than ever on the bike. I was not going to be outworked by you. I was going to keep up. I wiped my brow and kept pushing until I felt like the workout killed my legs and booty enough so it would have me en route to being an extra in the Nicki Minaj Anaconda video myself. 

As I walked out the gym… now “glistening”. I held my head high the same way that you walk around the gym. I sashayed my hips and shamelessly eye flirted with anyone who looked my way. I even said hello to strangers on the street.

When I popped into the corner store on my way home to grab some milk, I blasted Yonce by Beyonce in my ears until I no longer cared that my clothes were sweaty and that I never combed my hair before heading to the gym in the first place. Clearly something was working, because a man opened the door for me as I exited the store…. and another man made some type of derogatory/slightly complimentary comment regarding how hard I must work out hard to look the way I do as I walked up the stairs in my building. 

But I laughed it off, and wished him a good day the same way you do to the dozens of men that stop you at the gym everyday who seem to never stand a chance. 

So thank you. I want to say thank you for killing it every morning. Thank you for shamelessly enjoying your workout without a care in the world and motivating me to do the same. Thank you for holding your head high and showing other women like me that nothing else matters. 

See you in the gym!

*Am I the only one that ever feels like this in the gym?*



  1. Ashleigh says:

    This was so awesome. This is a perfect example of how life is all about your reaction to your experiences, not the experience themselves. Some people may look at someone else’s “perfect body” and let it frustrate and upset them, but you saw it totally differently, and it made your day better instead of worse. Well done!

    9.26.14 ·
  2. Stephanie says:

    Great letter!!!! Love how you fed off of her energy. Now I’m pumped to kill it in the gym tonight. Thanks for the motivation Kim and Woman with the Perfect Body!!!!!!!!!

    9.3.14 ·
  3. Yum Yucky says:

    Looooved reading this. But I must say… the Plastic Surgery God had a lot to do with the celebrities you mentioned.

    9.3.14 ·
  4. Omg this is awesome. Seriously I was lol’ing. This made my day. You are awesome and I am sure you glisten (: Happy day!

    9.3.14 ·
  5. Val says:

    I would have loved to see her twerk lol.

    9.3.14 ·
  6. Dana says:

    Love this! Sometimes I feel that way. I sweat alot. I wish I didn’t, but I don’t have that “glisten and glam” workout look that I feel like other people do. They just glow.

    9.3.14 ·
  7. Love this Kimberly! So awesome! I am a huge class person and definitely use other participants to push myself.

    Also, I think its hilarious that she started twerking! What!?!

    9.3.14 ·

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