Is Crossfit really that hard? + other common questions

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Never in my life did I think I’d be writing this blog post.

I started doing Crossfit with Kevin 6 weeks ago. We’ve been going 3-4 times per week to the 6am class at a box in Central New Jersey. Just a few short weeks ago, I had recorded this video about “what motivates you to workout” where I joked that I’d never do Crossfit.

With the exception of trying a demo class at a conference a few years ago, I’d never completed a real class until this summer. 

And it looks like I have to eat my words. 


My biggest fear about Crossfit was that I’d come in last during the workout of the day, aka WOD, and be humiliated for being so out of shape. Oddly enough, it’s been a completely different experience. Granted, I did burst into tears after my first class since I was exhausted, sore, and embarrassed that everything was so difficult, but I’m learning a lot about myself. 

For someone who doesn’t like competition and avoids group style workouts, it’s not so bad. The biggest question I receive from my friends and co-workers is about how difficult Crossfit is. 

Is Crossfit really hard?


In short, yes, but it depends on where you go. Kevin has been doing Crossfit for over a year at another box before we moved to New Jersey and his immediate response to our new box is that the workouts are harder. The program that the owner creates is simply much more difficult. At his old box, the hardest workouts were on Saturdays – but in Jersey, we have that type of workout on a random weekday. Which also means that you’ll be a sweaty mess after the Saturday workouts. 

Crossfit is really challenging, but more so because it’s different. 

There’s a focus on flexibility and strength in ways that I haven’t experienced before. I thought that since I had trained for a body building competition that this would be comparable, but it’s really not. Sure, I’m finally feeling like my muscle memory is kicking in and I can move more weight than someone who’s never weight lifted before, but I don’t have the flexibility or unique strength to do many of the movements. 

Most days I’m dripping sweat from the modified versions of the workouts that I complete. BUT I’m doing it. And I’m so proud of myself. 

The next question that I normally get asked is about injuries.

Aren’t you afraid of getting hurt? Crossfit teaches you bad form.


So… I used to think this. I would love to tell the story of how my physical therapist informed me that he loves Crossfit because it’s helped his business grow. However, I will say that my new stance is that it depends on the box that you go to. Similar to having a personal trainer, everyone teaches a bit differently. It’s up to you to find a location that stresses form over the amount of weight you lift. It’s also important that the class sizes aren’t so massive that you end up getting lost in the sauce in each workout. 

The box I go to does all of that. I’ve literally seen the trainers make people lower their weights if their form isn’t great. I also have several injuries that have never quite healed, so the trainers have modifications ready to go, AND watch to make sure I’m doing everything correctly.

So what happens now?


Yet another question I’ve received about my new fitness regime. Who knew Crossfit was so controversial? I still have a personal trainer I’m working with through October, but now we focus much more on stability training. As of September, I’m also officially a Crossfit member and I plan on keeping up the 3-4 workouts per week with Kevin until I’m craving a change.

I also started a new nutrition plan and I’m getting that underwater body fat testing done in 2 weeks so I can have all the information I need to better inform my nutrition plan. So, for now that’s it. I know that fitness has to be a bigger priority in my life more a myriad of reasons, so I’m working on it. Day by day – squat by squat – literally. 

And in case you missed the video, here it is:

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But back to Crossfit…. Does anyone here do Crossfit too? Any advice for a newbie?


  1. Hey Kim! This has been on my fit list for a few years but the boxes here keep opening an closing. I don’t we have the demographics that can afford it. You guys look amazing!

    9.6.16 ·
    • Hiiii Joi! It’s hit or miss in some areas. We went to Belize and there were 3 boxes on the island. Our area in NJ also has 2, I believe. But when I was in NYC, there weren’t any close enough to me. Weird. If you’re ever up this way, you’ll have to come with me. 🙂

      & thank you!

      9.6.16 ·

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