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peaches brooklyn ny brunch

The number one drawback about New Jersey is the absolute disregard for the importance of brunch. In Harlem, brunch was a way of life, not just a simple meal offered on the weekends. From 1-3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, the city would come alive. 

Couples, families, church folks, friends… everyone was on the streets, dressed up, and going to brunch. In NYC, there were plenty of bottomless [all you can drink options] brunches too. Apparently, Jersey can’t use the term “bottomless”, but what’s even more apparent is that brunch really isn’t a thing here. 

So last weekend, I made my way to Brooklyn to go to my late Grandmother’s church for the first time since she passed. It was a sad day, but also nice to go back. Our family was born and raised in that church, so it was nice to see everyone and hear that they still miss my Grandma. After service, we headed to Peaches in Brooklyn, NY

peaches brooklyn ny brunch

It’s a known place in Brooklyn, but also not overly bougie. What many people don’t know, is that they have a firm commitment to supporting local farmers and merchants.

peaches brooklyn ny brunch

Business must also be good, because it looks like they’ve expanded into a space next door. There is a small outdoor area and another bar + seating. They may have had this before, but I definitely didn’t notice. I could already see how this would be perfect for a romantic summer date night. This area of Brooklyn is known for it’s gorgeous brownstones too – if this were the evening, I would have loved to take a walk after eating. 

peaches brooklyn ny brunch

peaches brooklyn ny brunch

Now, let’s chat about the good stuff – the food. Peaches is a blend of classic American with a strong nod to the south. I’ve been there for brunch and dinner, and you can get just about anything from catfish, braised short ribs, wings, grits, mac and cheese, gumbo, shrimp, salmon, collard greens… anything really. The only thing that really surprised me is that there wasn’t a rendition of chicken and waffles on the menu. 

I actually don’t think there was any fried chicken on the Spring 2016 menus… so maybe it’s a seasonal thing. 


My mom opted for the Jim Cade Breakfast [french toast, eggs, roasted potatoes, and sausage] and my dad got the Grits and Shrimp. I was dead set on getting chicken and waffles, but since that wasn’t on the menu, I tried out the Oven Baked Grits [shredded 12 hour short ribs, grits, and a parmesan arugula salad].

I’m so happy I didn’t get my usual brunch staple. This was so good.

peaches brooklyn ny brunch

The grits were super creamy, so I’m assuming they were also cheese grits – and the salad was honestly my favorite part. If you know me, please know that this arugula salad must have been special since I don’t really eat veggies. I cleaned my plate.

We are going back to Grandma’s church soon, so I’m 99% certain that we will be right back at Peaches again before the end of September. 


  1. I have not been to brunch in a few months. If there is anywhere to brunch it’s Harlem and Brooklyn. I must make my way before the cold hits us in NY.

    Those grits look soooooooo good.

    9.21.16 ·
    • Yes, indeed! I also love Havana Cafe + Toscas in the Bronx. I’m reading/replying to comments and noticed you said you live in Westchester. Winter in NYC means we all go hibernate until Spring.

      9.21.16 ·

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