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A few weeks ago, I was selected to review a new book that was released by fellow FitFluential Ambassador, Sarah Dussault. I was so excited that someone “I know” releashed a hard cover book. I feel like that is rare these days in the age of self-publishing and e-books so I was super excited… plus, I loved the title “Get Skinny Again!: The Right Exercises to Get Back Your Dream Body and the Secrets to Living a Fit Life“.

This book is jam packed with step-by-step fitness tutorials, insider tips and  bunch of Sarah’s favorite recipes. Honestly, this book is telling the truth when it boasts about being the fitness guide with all you need to regain and maintain the body you’ve always wanted.

Knowing that Sarah is a Youtuber left me wondering if the workouts would be identical to ones she already published, but they are ALL DIFFERENT. This chick is a well-established vlogger, so I know hours upon hours must have been put into developing these new routines.

I can talk about the beautiful photos, or the easy to follow routines, or how this book allows you to  fit fitness into your life when you can, but what most people want to know is if it works, right? Well, according to the Today show, Sarah is the real deal. I would definitely agree that this book is perfect for someone who all of a sudden woke up and realized that 10+lbs have crept onto their frame. Or this may be an excellent fit for someone who just went to college and gained the freshman 15, people who have been “athletic” playing sports or just naturally skinny and all of a sudden have gained weight from getting older, eating/drinking too much or having a baby and want to lose it for good.

It was a quick and easy read for me, and I definitely plan on implementing some of the things I learned after I finish T25. For anyone interested in learning more, FitFluential has a Twitter Chat scheduled for TONIGHT (Tuesday March 4th at 9pm EST! Just search for the hashtag #GetSkinnyAgain at 9pm EST and join in on the conversation.

Three winners will be selected from the chat participants to win a prize too. Prize 1 is a copy of the book, prize 2 is a copy of the book and a $50 iTunes gift card, AND prize 3 is the book and a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Each hashtag counts as one entry, so make sure you don’t forget to include the hashtag on every single one of your tweets. (***Note: Only US residents are eligible to win. Sorry!)

Twitter: GetSkinnyBook

Instagram: GetSkinnyAgain


Sarah’s Blog: Sarah Fit

Have you ever participated in a twitter chat?
What’s your favorite fit book?


  1. lose says:

    Well done you! I love it when we learn to listen to our own bodies and begin to nurture it. You journey sounds similar to mine.
    guardian bikes

    10.29.16 ·
  2. Carla says:

    I’ve been wondering about this book! I really agree about the hard cover book thing. That must have been hard work for her! I missed the chat but may pay my own $ to get the book.

    3.6.14 ·
    • I think it is definitely worth the money. Its great if you want to follow it 100%, or just need a workout idea when you want to mix it up.

      3.7.14 ·
  3. Becca says:

    How timely, I was just planning my workout routine. It is a must have book. Hope to get it! *corss-finger

    3.5.14 ·
  4. Wow, I am impressed she came up with all new workouts for the book – that must have been an enormous amount of work! I want to know where her yellow top is from in her cover shot!!

    3.4.14 ·
    • That top is super cute, right? I am amazed when I see bloggers do big things like this. Such dedication.

      3.7.14 ·
  5. This looks so cool! I am definitely going to have to check Sarah out and her book!

    3.4.14 ·
    • I think you would really like it! And honestly… I was thinking of you when I read it. I can totally see you doing something like this one day.

      (+ sorry for the extra emails from me today! I feel like when I reply to comments, your inbox must go crazy. You always give me so much blog-love. xo)

      3.7.14 ·

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