Body on Fleek: Lower Body Circuit

I’m sorry ya’ll, but I love the phrase “on fleek”. I spoke about wanting to get my life on fleek a few weeks ago, and a major part of that is getting my body on fleek. 

Yesterday was an interesting one for me. I had a few conversations that put a fire under my butt about my workouts and goals. {If you’re just here for the workout – feel free to skip over the story and get right into the routine near the bottom of this post}

Body on Fleek

+ Yea – that was ME this am. We all have our times that we look our best – and my body is in optimal selfie status after a good workout in the am – but prior to having real breakfast. If I were to take this photo in the evening before bed there is no amount of sucking in that could help me. #justsayin

CONVO #1: I have a virtual pen pal, aka a girl friend who I frequently email about life. I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged about my weight loss and really just want to be done. Period. I’m so sick of being in progress that sometimes I opt to do nothing. I am also tired of saying that THIS SUMMER will be the summer of short shorts, bikinis, and crop tops – and then it gets here and I want to wear a sweater and compression leggings to cover my body up. 

We kept talking about what our goals are and how neither of us are really that far away – we just need to push through and do the work consistently, and we will get there. I’ve ruled out all health issues (thyroid, hormones, ect), so I know I’ve got to commit to eating right and regular exercise to get this done. It’s that phrase that everyone uses that always gets me…. “XYZ months from now, you will wish that you started”. 

CONVO #2: This guy who I was really interested in a few months ago resurfaced and we were talking about workouts. He’s a trainer, so I asked if he trains women.

His response was something along the lines of “my workouts are super hardcore – I don’t even know how to girlify them for you”. WTF?!? Seriously – and then he went on to talk about dead lifts, pull ups, dips, and a few other exercises that he thought women didn’t perform. So what did he think I did at the gym? Put on a pink headband and do easy intervals on the elliptical all day?

Needless to say – I have no interest in training or casually working out with this person anymore. I’ve worked with trainers off and on since 2011, and nearly every exercise he named, I’ve done. Sure, the amount of weight I use is less, or I may use assistance for pull ups, but I can do it. AND I know women who can do weighted pull-ups and they don’t look like a she-Hulk. They are just uber fit!

Between both of these convos – I had a come-to-Jesus moment and woke my behind up to hit the gym this am. Not to prove anyone wrong – but to prove myself right. I can do this. Better yet – I can do this for myself. I’ve probably spent nearly $8,000 in personal training and fitness plans since 2011. I know what a dynamic routine looks like – I know how to determine what weight is good for me to use – I can warm myself up and create a proper cool down. 

So, I’ve decided to try and share at least 1 workout per week with ya’ll to document my progress and give some insight into what I actually do at the gym. Also, I want to learn more about what I actually lift. This may sound crazy, but I never really tracked how much I can lift – I always let my trainers set the weight and I tried my best not to look so I wouldn’t get intimidated.

Below is the workout that I completed today:

Lower Body Workout

Tracking these workouts is really to see how I improve in my own fitness, but also to inspire others as well! I’m not a trainer, so I have to add the disclaimer that if you decide to try any of my workouts, you are doing so at your own risk. 

BUT – I’m excited. I felt that this was a pretty good workout. I was also shocked that I could leg press 200lbs as well! This means that my max is probably around 220lbs or so. Cheers to workouts and getting my #bodyonfleek for summer. 



  1. FLEEK!!!! I’m Jealous, I can’t seem to start any lower body training at all. I’ve lost a lot of weight but I have a good 10-20 to lose and I’d like to start toning. Don’t take offense to him, show him different and move right along. You got this Kim!

    4.20.15 ·
  2. Mandy says:

    That trainer is a total buzz kill. I’m so glad you’re committed to lifting heavy anyway. I just read the greatest, funniest article about deadlifts by a female trainer who knows better. Makes me want to deadlift right now!

    4.16.15 ·
  3. Faith says:

    Yeah, that guy can suck it! He obviously lives under a rock. Good riddance.

    You look amazing! And you have an amazing attitude, you can do it all!

    I’ve been lifting with the husband and it has been so much fun to see my progress. Being able to lift an amount that I couldn’t lift before is so thrilling to me.

    4.15.15 ·
  4. Wow, that guy… No, no, no. I love training pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell squats. I’ve just started sumo deadlifts and they are even better. Love ’em! That guy sounds like… well, a real idiot. “Girlify”?? Ugh…
    Love that you’re going to record your workouts here. Such a great idea. I love reading about others’ training. I find it so inspirational.
    Keep on keeping on!

    4.15.15 ·

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