The Best Tote Bag for Work (and Play)

If you know me – you know that I LOVE a great tote bag. I’d forgo food, shoes, jewelry… a lot of things for a quality tote. (I may or may not be pretty serious about that last statement) Recently, I saw that Lo&Sons released a new tote, The Seville, and I knew that I had to feature it on M.Y.

But there’s something REALLY special about this tote.

You can change the “shell” of the bag.

Different, right?

The outside of the tote is a shell that can be changed out – while still keeping the inside of the bag perfectly organized.

You just zip it up, unbutton the straps, and place the compartment into a brand new shell. At first I wondered if the straps would suddenly unsnap, or I wouldn’t be able to easily change the shells – but that hasn’t happened. 

The straps have a really strong button and are secured inside The Seville, so you won’t be walking down the street and your strap with suddenly unattach itself. I generally carry a heavy planner, laptop, notebook, and daily necessities in my tote bag and haven’t had a single issue.

Lo&Son’s also gifted me the smartphone wristlet that has come in handy while I’m at work. Generally, I would just bring my bag with me when I leave the office, but instead – I keep my drivers license, insurance card, and cash in my wristlet so I can easily detach it from the main bag when I leave my office for a quick meeting or errand.

I’ve also found myself using this when I run errands on the weekend and don’t want to bring a full tote with me. The strap also attaches itself inside The Seville and fits perfectly in a flat pocket so it never gets in the way… and I don’t misplace the wristlet.

I received this tote in the mail in late October, and I’ve been wearing it everyday since then. I carried it with me to Blogalicious and received dozens of compliments on the overall design. It’s light weight, and so functional! I’ve also written about Lo&Sons a few other times on M.Y. too.

I’ve already featured The T.T. and The O.G. on M.Y. before – but I will say that The Seville is my absolute favorite since you’re able to change out the shells. They offer 13 different colors – so to me, that’s like having 13 different bags.

And – right now, everything on their site is 40% off until 12/11/16. It’s the perfect time to pick up a new tote for work (or play!) before the new year!

Special thanks to Lo & Sons for gifting me The Seville to feature on M.Y. 


  1. Veronica Pineda says:

    wow such a cute tote! Like the concept of the shells so you can change the color of the bag. Going on my wishlist now!! 😀 P.S. Just discovered your blog and I really like it!

    12.24.16 ·
    • Thank you AND welcome! Lo & Sons is one of my favorite brands – especially for the working woman. 🙂

      12.29.16 ·

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