Advance Your Career With These 4 Tips

Advance Your Career With These 4 Tips by

If you’re like most people with ambition and drive, you may be looking for a way to get advance your career. You feel as if you’ve mastered your current position, but now you’re looking to advance. When it comes to career advancement, it’s all about making yourself visible and properly aligning what you do with what the career goals that you are trying to achieve.

Too many people get stuck here. They want to grow and advance, but they don’t know what to do. Developing in your career requires ambition, drive, assertiveness, and savviness. These are all traits that make you promotable and make you a stand out as a leader in your field. But even with this information, many find themselves striving to move forward in their career but not quite sure how to make that happen. 

If this is you, you are not alone. I find when I have Power Sessions with clients that many of them are in the same boat. They are looking for ways to advance in their career, but they feel stuck. Whenever I encounter these clients, I give them several tips, but these 4 tips are surefire ways to set yourself apart to excel in your career. 

Insert Yourself in projects and ask questions

Don’t wait for someone to ask you to help. Insert yourself into projects that you find interesting and are in line with your career path. If you know that you have the skills and knowledge to add value to a project, take the initiative. When you lend your ideas and your talents to a project, it shows that you can do the job that you have your eye on. Employers want someone who knows how to solve problems and who has the passion for doing the work. Instead of waiting to be called on, be assertive and show them what you’ve got. It sets you apart and makes you one to watch! And if for some reason you don’t get the position where you currently are, you can add it to your resume and show another company that you have the experience. 

Get Involved with Professional Associations

Being a part of a professional organization has so many great benefits. Not only does it look good on a resume, but it also allows you to have an inside track to internship and new positions. Many professional associations have a job board where new positions are listed before they are publicized. Also, professional associations keep you up to date on industry standards. This is always a plus when you’re looking to advance your career. Being a thought leader and up on the changes in the industry positions you for promotions. 

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Make Networking A Priority

Networking events don’t have to be stuffy and scary! Networking is crucial to career advancement. Knowing the right people can help you land the job of your dreams and advance your career. Make it a point to get out to networking events. Find one in your city that is fun and entertaining and educational. If you’re in the New York area, The Empowerment Social is the perfect mix of networking, personal and professional development, and a party. On the hour, every hour there’s a 15-minute Empowerment Talk from leaders in personal + professional development, fitness, career development, and entrepreneurship. This is the kind of networking event that will get you in the room with people that can make a difference. 

Keep Learning

It’s said that you should spend 5 hours a week learning. If you push yourself to continue to learn and continue to grow, you sharpen your skills and add to your repertoire. Spending time on Youtube or reading articles on Levo League. Take classes on LinkedIn or at your local college. Do what you can to expand your knowledge base. If you want to be considered for career advancement, learn all you can about your next move.

Try one or all four of these for your next career move. Need help mapping your path? Contact me for a power session, and we can strategize 90-Day Action plan outlining your goals, tasks, and projects for the next 90 days to help you advance your career.

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