A very dirty 29-day skin challenge

Frank Body 29 day challengeI’m obsessed with skin care. If a product promises perfectly dewy, clear, blemish free, radiant skin – I’m going to buy it. No questions asked. Last year, I was introduced to Frank Body and fell in love. I wrote about it here, and they sponsored my very first Manifest Your Vision event as well. 

The best part about Frank is that the products are affordable AND they work. I’m a huge fan of the skin care line since they were instrumental with fading my acne scars too. So when I got the email about the 29 day challenge – I had to share it with ya’ll.

And no – this post isn’t sponsored and Frank didn’t ask me to share – I just really love skin care and Frank, so I wanted to know if any of you would like to join me!

frank body_face range 3

Here are the rules:

(Straight from the Frank website – the challenge starts February 1st)

Step 1. Check your diet & water intake.

Arm the hydration station, babe. 2 -3 litres (or 1 gallon) of water is what I need you to drink. Every single day. If you are running back and forward from the bathroom, you’re doing it right. You’ll help your body flush out toxins and improve your skin’s elasticity. Stock up your fridge with fresh fruit & vegetables. Don’t shy away from wholemeal carbs, you need them for energy. The things you need to avoid are simply heavily processed foods. If it comes in a wrapper, ditch it.

Step 2.  Make your beauty sleep count.

You snooze you lose, well if you sleep with make up on your do. Make it part of your challenge to double cleanse your face every evening before bed and make sure you change your pillow case 2 times per week. I know it sounds exhausting, but you’ll get better beauty sleep in the end. The same goes for the time you spend at the gym – don’t make it work against you by working out with make up on. You’ll clog your pores and cause breakouts.

Step 3. Spend a little time getting to know me.

You’ve got to get dirty, before you can get clean. If you’re trying to target blemish prone cheeks, start with my Creamy Face Scrub (my absolute favorite!!!). It will help to smooth your complexion whilst targeting breakouts and the scars they leave behind. Use this 2 – 3 times a week for the smoothest of cheeks.

If you’re trying to target your other cheeks (you know what I’m talking about) start with my Original Body Scrub. Besides being a great all over body scrub for all babes, it helps target pesky stretch marks. Best to get down and dirty with my body scrub 2-3 times a week. You can also use it once a week as mask on your face to supercharge your clear skin.

Frank Body 29 day challenge

Not so bad, right? So to get started, take a photo and make some notes about the state of your skin, it’s the best way for you to track your results. As nervous as I am, I hope to share a skin selfie on February 1 and documenting improvements under the community hashtag, #thefrankeffect and #manifestyourself. If you follow Frank on Instagram and Facebook, there will be daily tips and tricks.

I know I’ll also be adding them on Snapchat (@frankbod), since I’m a bit addicted to Snapchat too (@manifesturself). I’ll be sharing my full skin care routine AND a bare faced selfie so we can really see what happens over the course of 29 days.



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