6 Steps to Reset Your Career

reset your career

We hit reset on our diets when we overeat. 
We hit reset on our relationships when they don’t make us happy. 
We hit reset on our phones when they malfunction.
We hit reset on so many things in our lives – but we rarely hit reset on our careers. 

Did you know that where you are in your career right now could be a direct result of decisions that you made in high school? Trust me, there are statistics to prove it. BUT those decisions (good, bad, & indifferent) – can be rectified. 

It’s time to FINALLLLLLLLY hit the reset button so you can ensure your next career move is your best move. Whether you’re looking for a job right now or you’re planning for future boss moves that you’d like to make, I’m hosting multiple masterclasses where I will share the 6 Steps to Reset Your Career

In this 60-minute, live masterclass you will:

  • Determine what your personal and professional brand is and how that impacts your opportunities in the world of work
  • Learn the top edits that you need to make today to update your LinkedIn profile and gain the interest of recruiters in your industry right now
  • Hone in on exactly what your goals are and how to organize yourself so your goals are always top of mind
  • Discover the #1 thing you can do in the next 3-months to expedite your next career move

I know you’re busy, so I’m hosting multiple masterclass sessions this fall to accommodate your schedule. 

I really hope to see you in the LIVE 6 Steps to Reset Your Career masterclass! This isn’t going to be one of those pre-recorded workshops where I can’t see and hear you. 

You’ll be able to log in at home, turn on your video, view a full presentation, and ask your own career questions too.