5 Ways You Can Be Productive In 30 Minutes

5 Ways You Can Be Productive In 30 Minutes-Manifest Yourself.jpeg

Everyone is super busy nowadays. We thrive on busyness. From working full-time to having a side hustle to our hobbies. It seems as if every moment of every day is full. How do you make progress when you’re super busy? How do you accomplish things when it feels like you have absolutely no time?

One simple trick is to maximize just 30 minutes of your time to accomplish just one task that will help you. We can all find 30 minutes somewhere during our day that we can dedicate to productivity. Maybe your 30 minutes is on your commute to work. It could be 30 minutes that you normally spend on social media or watching just one more episode of your favorite show. It could be getting up 30 minutes earlier or staying awake 30 minutes later. But there are 30 minutes somewhere that you can use to be productive and make progress towards your goals. Take control of your time and spend 30 minutes doing one of these five things.

Update your resume/LinkedIn

It doesn’t take long to refresh your LinkedIn or your resume. Take some time to revamp your profile or add details about your current role. What are some skills that you could highlight that are relevant and can promote you as a leader in your field? Give your resume a makeover and reformat it so that it is appealing and eye-catching. How can you better describe your experiences? What about adding skills from your side hustle to your resume or LinkedIn profile? Side hustles provide valuable traits that employers are looking for in their next new hire. Need help updating your LinkedIn? Read LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

Watch a YouTube Video

YouTube isn’t just about cats playing the piano and makeup tutorials. YouTube is full of gems! You can watch videos about all kinds of career and life-enhancing information. If you want to learn skills that will help you get the promotion you deserve, check out a YouTube video. Maybe you want to learn time management skills or how to find new clients. All of this is on YouTube. You can even find a quick 30-minute workout on YouTube. Take some time to get on YouTube and explore a topic that will help push you closer to your goals.

Email someone in your network

Is there someone you’ve been dying to connect with? Then take some time and craft a thoughtful email. You could be looking for someone to help you find a job, a mentor or just someone who understands where you are in your career. Staying in contact with those in your network is crucial for career and life success. You never know when they can help push you to the next level. Make sure that you take a genuine interest in them not only professionally, but personally as well. When a true relationship is cultivated, you unlock things that others don’t.

 5 Ways You Can Be Productive In 30 Minutes-Manifest Yourself.jpeg


Read an article about something new

In 30 minutes, you can read an article and stay relevant on current events. Just like YouTube, there are several articles out there about any and everything. CNN, Levo League, The Well, Manifest Yourself (shameless plug) and even Pinterest are all great resources to find articles. Reading something new keeps your mind sharp and keeps you up to date. It makes you a more well-rounded individual and helps you have more things to contribute to a conversation. These are things that employers look for when they want to hire or promote someone. They look not only at skills, but also relatability. Take a moment to read an article that stimulates your mind and teaches you a new skill.

Work towards one of your goals

Progress is measured step by step. It doesn’t have to be big leaps and bounds, but taking small steps towards your goals is productive. Take 30 minutes and do something small towards one of your goals. In the Stop Dreaming, Start Planning workshop and workbook, it’s all about creating a 90-day plan towards your personal and professional goals. You can use 30 minutes to create a plan and to begin working these steps.

Where can you find 30 minutes in your schedule to be productive? What is one thing you’ll work on to help you get to where you want to be?