5 Things You Can Do to Start Loving Your Job Again

Let’s just call a thing a thing; entrepreneurship is hot right now. As a fellow entrepreneur, I’ve attended my fair share of “I quit my job” parties and commented “Congrats!!!! ” on many social media posts about resigning from the 9-5 world.
But if you’re a 9-5 professional who feels like entrepreneurship is your only option or you’re just frustrated with your current job situation, I’d like to share 5 Things You Can Do to Start Loving Your Job Again.

1. Get to the bottom of why you are frustrated.

Sure, I know you want to get out right now; if your boss has the nerve to ask you for one more pointless report we may see you on the 6pm news. But fleeing your current role without knowing exactly what you need in your next opportunity could land you in a very similar situation. What exactly about your job has your frustrated? Is it a micromanager supervisor, the lack of autonomy to execute on your ideas, not being able to work remotely 1-2 days per week, the office environment – get crystal clear before you make a move.


2. Consider requesting a flexible work arrangement.

Studies show that many employees work harder and longer when they have the flexibility to work from home. If you are still passionate about the work you do, but you crave flexibility and have a role where you don’t need to always be in the office – write a proposal for a flexible work arrangement. Don’t walk into your bosses office and say “I can’t stand seeing your face everyday, so I need to work from home” though. Create a proposal that showcases how the flexible work arrangement will work for you and the company. If this type of arrangement isn’t the norm in your office, suggesting that you do a 90-day trial may also help too.

3. Immerse yourself in a professional community.

The 9-5 grind can be hard. The same people, doing the same ol work, day in and day out. Getting involved in professional communities can be a new professional outlet that can help you in your current role, create new connections with likeminded professionals outside of the office, and network to help you when you’re ready to start job hunting again. Some of my favorite communities are Ellevate, Levo League, National Sales Network, and Jopwell.

4. Volunteer for a project that helps YOU!

Now, before you stop reading because I asked you to do more work at a job you’re already frustrated with… hear me out. Your current role is most likely not the job you want to stay in for the next 5-10 years, right? And there’s most likely a few things that you need to learn or be exposed to before you can get promoted, right? So why not volunteer for a project that can expose you to a new skill set and new people within your organization?
When you’re applying for new, higher level jobs you have to sell that you have the necessary experience and skill set in order to get the opportunity. Most professionals are so focused on getting the opportunity that they forget about making the most of their current experience. You can learn new skills in your current role by volunteering for new projects that are just outside of the scope of your current work tasks. I think of this as on-the-job training to help you get to the next level.

5. Start taking breaks during your workday.

I’m a big believer in taking your full lunch hour and mini-breaks throughout the workday. But sitting at your desk all day long, staring at your computer screen isn’t going to help you. Studies show that taking breaks during the workday actually increase your productivity levels. I started implementing the pomodoro method, and after every few sets of pomodoros, I’d get up and take a walk to grab more water and stretch my legs. For the everyday professional, you’re not curing cancer or dealing with life or death situations – so take your lunch break. Start doing walking meetings with colleagues to talk about projects when you don’t necessarily need to be seated to take notes. Don’t worry, your work will be right there waiting for you when you get back.
And it goes without saying, if you’re beyond implementing any of these tips, it may be time for you to consider looking for a new job.
Still need help? Check out my coaching services here. I’d love to help you transition into your next role.

Also, if you’d like to LISTEN to this content – you’re in luck! I was recently interviewed on the Pimp Your Brilliance Podcast and shared these 5 tips during the interview as well. 

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