4 Trendy Water Bottles You Need In Your Life. Now.


Let’s be honest. Drinking water is a bit drabby at times. It’s seemingly the furthest thing from glamorous even if its consumption can lead to glamor. The only thing less exciting than chugging water is doing so in an unexciting plastic cup or water bottle.

Luckily, a little retail therapy can come to the rescue.

Here are 4 trendy water bottles that are BPA free and may lighten the load of chugging water by also doubling as exciting statement pieces.

  1. XTREMEGLAS [$24.99]: Staying on track with how much water you’ve consumed can always be a bit tricky. With the XtremeGlas bottle fluid ounce and milliliter markings along the way help you keep track of how far you are from completing your 32 oz bottle. (Which is one half of the daily recommended 8, 8oz glasses of water.)

  2. AQUA-IDEA [$29.99]: These quirky and expressive water bottles showcase their unique style as a statement piece while also celebrating the spirit of ingenuity. These BPA free collapsible silicone water bottles are durable and ideal for travel as they are one of the few “shrinkable” water bottles for travel.

  3. INFUSER WATER BOTTLE – GREAT GEAR [$12.95]: This colorful and inexpensive water bottle with a fruit-in-water infuser is an easy and mess free way to add some flavor to your daily water consumption with minimal fuss. Great Gear does an excellent job of preventing leakage from whatever fruits you decide to put in its filter basket with its design. This is probably one of the reasons why at nearly 2,000 reviews this bottle has received 4.5/5 star average ratings.

  4. ELEMENT [$23.88]: (For the fashionista!) This sleek stainless steel water bottle is the perfect accessory without directly trying to be. Element bottles keep liquids hot for up to 24 hours and cold beverages cool for up to 12 hours in the spirit of efficiency.


After looking over the 4 trendy water bottle options listed above it’s safe to say there’s something for everyone to be found within the list. There is something for the pragmatist, the style guru, the budgeter, and the disciplined shopper.
As always, challenge yourself to drink up! [Hopefully with an exciting new water bottle on the way.]

If you have any other water bottle favorites or must-haves let us know and comment below!


  1. Spencer says:

    Hey, thanks for sharing this list. My wife’s been on a mission to increase her daily water intake and I think having a pretty water bottle to carry around will really help her achieve this. I just ordered an Xtremeglass for her 🙂

    7.8.16 ·
    • Great! I really believe it does help – let me know how it goes for your wife. 🙂

      7.19.16 ·

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