Thursday’s Thoughts


This has been my life lately. Anything and everything has been going right and going wrong at the same exact time.

Have you ever felt like that before?

I feel like I have reasons to curl up in a ball and eat salt and vinegar chips, but I also have a million more reasons to jump for joy and appreciate my life and everything that I have been blessed with.

Goodness gracious.

How is your week going?
Tell me something funny so I can crack a smile, please. 🙂


  1. I feel the same way! Everything goes smoothly and then Bam! all of a sudden lots of changes! I am excited for your conference in May! That is something to smile about! 🙂

    3.21.14 ·
  2. Faith says:

    Life is testing me by having nothing happen at all and it’s killing me. I wish I had something funny to say to make you laugh :/ … i’m feeling like you.

    3.20.14 ·
    • Well someone feeling the same way is just as good as a laugh. Sending hugs your way. I read your post today too… Stay positive and stay encouraged, girlie. AND next time you come to NYC we should link up!

      3.20.14 ·

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