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Manifest Yourself is all about doing more, being more, and achieving more.


 With a background in marketing, finances, and career development, Kimberly Brown merges all of these areas to provide personal + professional development coaching and workshops. From one on one coaching to group workshops, to keynotes for larger scale events – she loves to engage and inspire others.



Looking for a speaker, trainer, or coach for your next event or meeting? I’d love to partner with you to create content customized to your audience.

Past topics have included:

The 90 Day Action Plan
Balancing Blogging Without Losing Yourself
Creating Your Vision for Change
Determining Your Core Values to Achieve More
Goal Setting and MORE!


Navigating Your Personal Career Path
Personal + Professional Development in the Workplace
Personal Branding for Millennials
Salary Negotiation
Vision Boarding Events




“OUTSTANDING! Kimberly Brown is Amazing!  We invited Kimberly to be our Power Woman Speaker for our Power of You Teens Vision Board Party.  As we all know, teenagers can be a hard crowd to please but Kimberly’s inspiring, enlightening, engaging and FUN presentation made a positive impact on our PowerGirls and had them on the edge of their seats, riveted.  Our PowerGirls left the workshop feeling as though they could conquer the world after learning the tools to help make it happen.  We look forward to having Kimberly speak at future PowerGirls events!” Felicia Gibson Jaycox, CEO + Founder, The Power of You Teens


The MY vision board event may have been one of the most rewarding investments I’ve made on my own personal development. The process of designing my vision board allowed me to deeply reflect and thoroughly explore my passions, basic needs of world and provided a holistic view of the life I’m destined to live. I’ve done vision boarding in undergrad and at professional development workshops, but none compare to the M.Y. event. Kimberly, created a space where reality and dreams met in holy matrimony, both screaming I DO.” Lejorne Leys


The event first started with a meditation session to clear our minds and get a clear vision of our intention. From then, not only was I able to work on my goals, but I was inspired by the people around me with their visions and life accomplishments. As a part of my vision board, I wanted to be more active and become more involved with my fitness goals. I was afraid of participating in a bikini competition and later on that year, I was able to! Kimberly not only encouraged me to go for my goals, but she helped me see that I was self-sabotaging my success. Working with her made me never give up as much as I wanted to. I’m not sure if I would’ve gone through with competing without her.” Lakeisha Thomas



To book Kimberly Brown as a speaker, email with the subject “Speaking”. Please include name of the organization, date/time/location of event, length of talk/workshop, and requested topic.




The signature personal + professional development coaching program has been developed and tested to help you create a dynamic life AND career. Based upon your individual needs, Kimberly offers 1, 3, and 6 month coaching programs to help you reach your personal and professional development goals.

Through the program, you will receive:


  • An accountability partner to push, motivate, and inspire you
  • Clarity on your personal and/or professional development goals
  • A 90 day action plan to provide you with the exact steps to take you to the next level
  • Advice and support as you begin to “work your plan”


To learn more about the personal + professional development program, please view the full program details here.



“Working with Kimberly in our one-on-one coaching was wonderful. She is such a great listener, motivator, and genuine person, and she allowed me to be open with her about business, career, and personal matters. I appreciated that she was always willing to offer advice and resources, and motivated me even if I fell behind on deadlines. It felt like I’d connected with a friend during our time working together and I highly recommend working with her to anyone.” Catherine Miller


“Kimberly is a smart professional who has a good pulse on what corporations are looking for during the hiring process.  I can’t think of anyone else who is in a better position to offer suggestions, tidbits of knowledge and a nudge in the right direction to help individuals land that ideal job.” Anna F


I had the pleasure of having Kimberly do a workshop for our organization and it was perfect. It was clear that Kimberly was well prepared and took the time to really customize her presentation for our young women. She not only shared information that was valuable but she also kept the women engaged with relatable anecdotes. Kimberly was able to get her message to the group in a tangible and memorable way. She was a speaker that the women enjoyed and appreciated; a perfect example of a power woman that they admired, and I would love to have her speak again.” Danielle Fontus


To learn more about the personal + professional development program, please view the full program details here.