LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts

LinkedIn Do's & Don'ts
Are you stuck and looking into a potential career or job change in the new year? There are a million things you can do to put a plan into action to make that change. One task you can add to your game plan that is simple and effective in getting you closer to your goal is to review your LinkedIn profile and make sure you are doing the right things.

Here are some ideas for Do’s and Don’ts to get you started:


DO provide a professional-looking photo of yourself. Dress appropriately, look into the camera and show that genuine smile.

DON’T permit your viewers to see each and every update you make to your profile. Turn off your update settings (Settings / Privacy / Setting Profile Edits – hit “no” – do not publish an update to my network about my profile changes.) Make your profile changes in bulk and when you’re satisfied with your profile, turn your settings back to “yes”.

DO make your profile summary engaging, impressive, unique to you and your experiences and accomplishments. This section is the opportunity to make that first impression!

DON’T leave your profile summary blank! This is the meat that potential recruiters and employers can chew on. A blank summary is like an empty plate, and you don’t want your reader to move on to another restaurant.


DO connect with people you come across from their profile page. This allows you to customize your invitation with your unique message, comment on a shared experience or ask about a personal anecdote.

DON’T connect from the “People You May Know” or “Who has viewed your profile” sections. This option sends an automatic invitation and doesn’t provide an opportunity to personalize your invitation request. Be authentic and treat everyone with the unique attention they deserve.

DO connect with recruiters when they reach out to you, especially if you are on a job search.

DON’T ignore a recruiter if you are not looking for a job. Remain polite, stay connected – you never know when this connection may come in handy.


DO send out recommendation requests. Recommendations are a great way to have others validate your work. When asking for a recommendation, be specific! Make it as easy as possible for your reference to write about you. Provide some details with what you want them to write about, for instance: “Can you outline the experience you had with me when I……”

DON’T be shy about asking for an endorsement. But be strategic in your request: what skills do you want them to endorse and who is most equipped to provide that endorsement? Obviously, they need to have direct experience with you and these skills.

Now, head on over to LinkedIn and start working on your profile today.

Got questions? Leave a comment below so I can help.