Journey to Wellness 11.6

Happy Wednesday loves! I feel like this is going to be a super long week at work, but at least we are half way done. The Dream Job is kicking my butt lately…and then because I am working in NYC, I keep trying to have a better social life too. This leaves me happy because I get to see my friends…but drained since I used to spend that time home.


Mind// On Monday I talked about conjuring your desires, and I feel that it really helped me calm down a bit. I’ve been a tad wired up and having faith that my intentions and desires are known and in the works is really helpful.

I also had a mini blog meet up with Patty, Cassandre, and Nellie last night and blog friends always energize me. We all work, have families,  and maintain a blog so you are surrounded by people that just get it. Plus the food was amazing at Serafina on 55th and Broadway.


Body// I couldn’t remember if I mentioned this already OR if I typed it in a post that I am planning for later….but I found medical records from 2005 that I submitted to live in college dorms. The university needed a full vaccination report and on that was also my weight.

 8 years later….I weigh the same exact amount.

I was shocked! I was expecting to see that I was in the 140s or 150s, but nope! I was 167lbs in the summer of 2005. But my body looks and feels so different! For some reason, this comforted me and made me feel a lot better about the progress I made from my highest weight back in April 2011 of 185lbs.

Another body moment this week was going on my scale to check my body fat. I’m officially below 30% body fat! My weight didn’t go down, but my  body composition is showing improvement,  so I am too excited!

How was your week?
Have you ever found an old medical record that you could compare your current weight too?
Do you measure your body fat?


  1. Carla says:

    I think maintaining weight at this day and age is hard so I think it’s awesome that you still weight the same. And body composition (as you pointed out) is much more than just a number on a scale.

    I do have a pair of calipers but measuring your own body fat is hard. It’s much easier to measure someone else. I also have a body fat scale but those things aren’t really accurate. I can go weigh myself before and after peeing and it will give me two different body fat numbers that are hugely different. I usually go with the one that says I have the lesser body fat. LOL!

    11.7.13 ·
    • HAHAHAHA! Don’t we all… I have 2 scales… and sometimes I spot check. AND I always go with the one that reads the most favorable number.

      11.7.13 ·
  2. Cassandre says:

    it was so great hanging with you last night. It’s always hard to get out sometimes but i am glad we did. congrats on the body fat. and i see that 695 calories burned.. yaay you 🙂

    11.6.13 ·
    • Thanks, girlie! It was nice getting to know you a bit better. And you don’t work too far from me either.

      I saw your Zumba! I may have to join you for a class one day soon.

      11.7.13 ·
  3. I feel your pain trying to maintain a full-time blog, a full-time job and a full-time social life. It’s a lot! But you really seem like you have things together! 🙂

    11.6.13 ·
    • I have got to try to be like you all! 🙂 & thank you! It is a work in progress.

      11.6.13 ·
  4. Faith says:

    That is awesome! I wish I weighed the same from 8 years ago! 😉 you look fabulous! I’m nervous to check my body fat. I know it won’t be pretty.

    I also wish I had some blog friends turn in real life friends to get together. I’m always slightly jealous 🙂

    11.6.13 ·
    • Everyone carries body fat differently, so you may be surprised!

      Well you are only a stone throw away from NYC, right? Next time you are in town we can schedule a link up! I think of you as a friend IRL anyways, lol.

      11.6.13 ·
  5. Look at you blogging on the go! I saw yall checked in I think! So fun that you can hang with each other whenever you feel like it!

    11.6.13 ·
    • I’m trying, girlie! 🙂

      It’s always so hard to coordinate schedules, but when it works, we always have fun. Wishing you were closer too!

      11.6.13 ·
  6. Nellie says:

    Yay for the low body fat!! I’ve never checked mine, I am too scurred. So good seeing you last night!

    11.6.13 ·
    • I was scared at first, but my trainer said it could be a better & more motivational measurement of my success since your body fat can change but your weight stays the same. Sadly… I have to do them together unless I get my bf measured at the gym so I see my weight anyways. lol

      AND YES! I had a great time seeing you last night, as always. Going to buy my BlogHer ticket today too.

      11.6.13 ·

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