How to Change Up Your Diet

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Let’s be honest, eating healthy can get boring if you do not prepare ahead of time. When I fall into the trap of making “the usual” recipes that I cook every week; pizza and pasta look so much more appetizing.

A few months ago I was on a rampage to find recipes that were easy to make AND delicious so I started asking fellow bloggers where they found recipes to cook. Below is a list of websites with healthy, easy, blogger approved recipes for you to enjoy.

I know these are just a few out of the thousands of healthy websites that have amazing recipes. In order to start trying out recipes, I sit down once per week and compile a list of 3-5 recipes to make for the following week. I grocery shop on Sundays, so I prepare a list detailing all of the ingredients that I need to ensure that I will have everything on hand for the week.

When you are making new recipes, it is not the time to try to remember what you need once you get to the grocery store. Write. It. Down. The worst thing that could happen is when you get ready to make ginger garlic chicken for dinner, you realize that you forgot the ginger. If you need help assembling your grocery list, try using Zip List. This website helps you store recipes and build a grocery list based upon the recipes that you select for the week.

Happy, healthy cooking! Do you have a favorite recipe site?


  1. Kirsten says:

    Thanks for the list will definitely be visiting some of the sites for some new recipes to whip up.

    10.8.13 ·
  2. Thanks so much for including me! I love just about everyone on that list, and it’s an honor to be listed amongst such great company! 🙂

    8.20.13 ·
    • Anytime! Thanks for stopping by!

      8.20.13 ·
  3. Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog yesterday. These are such great resources to help me get creative with my eating. Thanks for sharing.

    7.27.13 ·
    • Anytime, Jenn! You are on my must-check-in blog reading lists. 🙂

      7.28.13 ·
  4. YES! Love this list! 🙂 I personally love heading over to: and other recipe sites that have recipes catered to the low-carb/paleo ideas. I also really love the Purely Twin’s recipes!!!! They’re geniuses!

    7.26.13 ·
    • I totally forgot about those two sites. I may have to update this post to include them. I love the plantain recipes that the twins do. Thanks for stopping by!

      7.28.13 ·
  5. Elle says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your list! I will be checking out some of the others for sure. Awesome list.

    7.26.13 ·
  6. Carli says:

    I use the Food On The Table app. It works great! I have too many favorite food blogs to mention!

    7.26.13 ·
  7. Nellie says:

    Added you on MFP even though I am terrible with that app! Keep going, your trainer seems like he knows what he is doing!

    7.26.13 ·
  8. Great list! Zip List sounds like a must check out!

    7.26.13 ·
  9. Thanks for sharing the websites! I’m always looking for new healthy recipes- although I do make homemade pizza and pasta and call it healthy! Lol! I have never heard of Zip List but I think this could be life changing for me!

    7.26.13 ·
    • Anytime! I think I am going to do a tutorial on how to use ZipList soon too. That site is truly life changing!

      7.26.13 ·

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