At Home Workouts with Fitgevity Resistance Bands

Fitgevity Resistance Bands

Earlier this week I chatted about at home workouts with Bowflex for cardio, but now it’s time to chat about some options for strength training. The Fitgevity Resistance Bands above may also look familiar since they are also in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide!

These bands (pictured above) come packaged up perfectly to store and travel with. I wrap them up and stuff everything in the black bag to store on my bookshelf or in my suit case when traveling. 

The thing about resistance bands is that you can do so many exercises with them. As long as you have a resistance level that works for you (heavier or lighter), you will be good to go AND get a workout just as challenging as traditional hand weights. 

The purple 41″ band yields  10 – 35lbs of resistance and the orange 41″ band yields 30 – 50lbs of resistance. Matched with the handles, door and anywhere anchors, the types of exercises that you can do are endless. 

To help showcase some exercises, Fitgevity has created the following video featuring Sydney Forestal, an yoga, pilates, and barre instructor.  

Now, my favorite part about Fitgevity is the “Pop a Bead” section of their website where they display a bunch of exercises for every part of the body that you can think of. And in case you were wondering, here is the definition of “pop a bead” (cause I didn’t know either).


1. to sweat heavier than one thought to be humanly possible.

ā€œI was only five minutes into my fitGevity training video when I started to pop a bead.ā€

synonyms: sweat buckets, perspire profusely, glisten with a vengeance

The most common exercise that I know with resistance bands is the bicep curl, which is featured in this section of the site too. Some exercises have in depth pictures, and others even have YouTube videos so you can ensure that your form is correct while exercising at home. 

My favorite featured exercise is the tricep extension lunge combo.

Images adapted from Fitgevity site
Images adapted from Fitgevity site

I’ve been working on my arms a lot to ensure that I don’t have wings when I wave goodbye to anyone at the gym, and this exercise comes in handy when I want to get a quick workout in during Scandal or Blackish.

To purchase the bands, go here and learn more about Fitgevity, head on over to their website

Do you work out with resistance bands?

*Special thanks to Fitgevity for sending me a set of resistance bands to review, free of charge, and supporting Manifest Yourself. As usual, all opinions are my own.*


  1. Annmarie says:

    i have a bunch of resistance bands but haven’t used them in forever- this makes me wanna bust them out and “pop a bead” šŸ˜‰

    12.18.14 ·
  2. I need to get some of these for my apartment. I recently moved and have nothing for an at home workout. This would be perfect for when you’re traveling too!

    12.18.14 ·
    • I highly recommend them. This set or the set on my gift guide work so well! Definitely perfect for saving space and getting in some quality strength training.

      12.18.14 ·

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