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Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a non-blog related vacation, so I was overjoyed this summer when I started planning a 4 day getaway with one of my best friends. One of her favorite places to vacation is Cancun, and I’d never been before so it was a done deal.

Travel is something I absolutely love to do, but I haven’t had the opportunity to plan vacations as an adult, but my friend is a world traveler, so I left this trip in her hands. We set a budget, and she got to work finding the best options within our budget.

After we narrowed it down to a few resorts, we settled on the Paradisus in Cancun, Mexico. The package included flights, airport transfers, and the all inclusive resort. All we had to do was make it to the airport in the US and everything else was already paid for. Ah-maz-zing.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

Once we arrived, we got a little nervous because the resort looked absolutely nothing like the pictures online, but we were pleasantly surprised once we got inside. The resort had an extremely calming, mindful, and zen feel which was exactly what we were looking for.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico
And yes, this is INSIDE of the resort.

There were so many water features throughout the space, so we could always hear relaxing sounds. Our room was also located near the spa so we could here the faint sounds of calming spa music. I was in heaven.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

Now when you go to an all inclusive, one of the biggest concerns is the food. And lemme tell you, the food was incredible. From the beverages that we received when we walked in the hotel to check in, to the last meal we had upon leaving, we loved the food. The resort had 9 restaurants, 8 of which were included in the all inclusive deal. The 9th restaurant was a sushi place, and I’m not a fan of raw fish, so I wasn’t upset. Also, 24 hour room service was included so we took advantage when we craved a snack later in the evening.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

Each morning we went to the breakfast buffet that had an array of fresh fruits, omelets, breads, crossiants, meat and cheese displays, native breakfast items, waffles, and so much more. If you are trying to eat healthy, it definitely wouldn’t be a challenge – but if you are trying to taste a rainbow of Mexican deliciousness, that is also an option too.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

Midday when we lounged by the beach, they had servers available to bring any drink you can think of. And by any, I really mean anything. If you know the name of it, they will make it. If you know what you want it to taste like, they will recommend something.

Beach Essentials

For dinner we opted for the Blue Agave restuarant which had amazing fresh guac, pico, and spicy mole sauces. We always ended up getting a table that overlooked the beach and sunset as well. I was allll about trying out the true Mexican tacos, and this place did not disoppoint. We tried one other place for dinner, Mole, but in comparison the service was more like a fine dining place, but we loved the food more at Blue Agave.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

On our last day, we also got a chance to try parasailing. While we were both a bit nervous, it was a lot of fun. I though the prices were economical too. And since we got all excited with the parasailing adventures, we decided to calm down in the afternoon with some spa treatments. I got the Yhi Abyanga which was a 80 minute service combining aromatherapy, reflexology, and traditional massage techniques with a bunch of different oils.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

By the morning of our departure, I was convinced that (a) I needed to move to the Paradisus or (b) I need to come back to Cancun again… sooner rather than later. Since B is a tad more reasonable, I am already looking at packages for early 2015. My friend used BookIt.com to book this package, so I hope to have some success there.

This trip also re-awakened my travel bug, so I want to purchase a map of the world and start mapping out (pun intended) where I have been and where I would like to go in the next few years. I’ve always loved to travel, but something or someone was always preventing me from leaving my homebase too much – but now, I’m literally and figuratively flying solo, so I am scared/excited to explore a bit more.

Paradisus in Cancun Mexico

I also want to book a solo vacation too soon. I think the Paradisus would be perfect for that since this resort has a fresh mix of families with children, groups of men and/or women, older adult couples, young couples, and a few people flying solo too. BUT – like my friend always says, why go to the same place twice? I’m totally a creature of habit, so this is hard for me to break free from, but I think it would be good for me to shake things up a bit. I’m thinking Tulum, Bermuda, Barbados, or Greece for my next trip…

Oh – and I also have to add that this Cancun trip completely dispelled all myths that Cancun is just a place for college kids looking to get cast in the next Girls Gone Wild video. There were options to go clubbing if we wanted to, but we decided to stay in and come back to NY relaxed vs worn out since we were only in Cancun for a few days. I was shocked at how calm and tranquil (and family oriented) Cancun can be. I guess you can make the vacation whatever you would like it to be.

Have you ever been to Cancun?


  1. Dana says:

    I’m pushing for Aruba in 2015. We should plan a girl’s trip!

    10.3.14 ·
    • That would be so much fun! I will warn you… I am a total bum on vacations. I like to come back to NYC super relaxed and rejuvenated, so I may not be the best partner if you want to turn up too much. lol

      10.6.14 ·
  2. Cassandre says:

    I have been to Cancun and have had a blast. hope you feel relaxed and renewed šŸ™‚ how’s the book Thrive?

    10.1.14 ·
  3. Jane says:

    aww šŸ™‚ got relaxed just by reading that! should book a trip there and check the real effect šŸ˜€

    10.1.14 ·
  4. I’d highly recommend d Amansala Bikini Bootcamp in Tulum for a solo vacation. I took myself there for my. 40th. Exercised 2-3x/day, ate healthfully and went on excursions. Can’t say enough great things!

    Glad you had a great time.

    9.30.14 ·
  5. Faith says:

    Ahh, I absolutely love Cancun! I went in 2010 with my husband, best friend and her husband and we had the best time. I agree that Cancun can be anything you want it to be!

    It’s like once you start traveling it is so hard to stop! Gorgeous pictures. Looks like the best time!

    9.30.14 ·
  6. im in the process of planning our “girls trip” for next year and i may have to talk them into going to cancun now!! so gorgeous!

    9.30.14 ·
  7. JLu says:

    Oh my! That salsa and guacamole are sending me straight to the shop to get some!


    9.30.14 ·

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