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So I had this master plan to do my first YouTube review to tell everyone about ENERGYbits. I filmed the video using my laptop and was all ready to edit the video using Windows Movie Maker…but then it wasn’t working. At all. The sound wasn’t aligning with my mouth movements….it looked grainy…I got frustrated… So yea, maybe next time. (If anyone can give me some tips & tricks to navigate editing a video, please send me your info so we can chat.)


A few weeks ago, a member of the ENERGYbits marketing team contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing their product. Generally, I stay away from anything that is said to give you energy, but I did some research and these are all natural with only 1 ingredient. Algae. That’s it! I also have one of the worlds most sensitive stomachs so knowing that it is all natural was really important to me.

I decided to test drive the ENERGYbits right before one of my personal training sessions with James. The session was at 7am, so I took the full serving size of 30 bits at 6:30pm before I drove to the gym. In my mind, this would give me enough time to see if my stomach would reject the bits. The directions suggested that you swallow them with water vs chewing since they apparently taste how they smell. And they smell green. I liken it to fresh cut grass that has been sitting in a plastic bag. It’s not a gross smell; it’s just green. I broke out my serving into groups of 5 and easily swallowed all 30 of them with a cup of water.


By the time I got to the gym, I felt super focused. I never really felt a rush of energy like I would with the typical over the counter energy drinks. I felt more mentally focused and I could swear that my body felt a tad more energized too. At 1 calorie per bit, I was shocked that a total of 30 calories could power me through my workout.

By the time I got to work, I was settling into this whole natural energy feeling and I was loving it. What really sold me was that I didn’t feel the afternoon slump. You know that 2:30/3pm feeling at work when you are hungry/sleepy/unfocused/aggravated? I just powered on through until it was time to go home.

If you follow me on social media, I remember saying something about not knowing when the ENERGYbits actually wore off. I just continued to feel focused, and was able to fall asleep at my normal time. These bits, or little bits of food as ENERGYbits likes to say, really powered me through the day.

I was given a mini container of bits with 52 bits inside. I am saving the last 22 for a rainy day when I really need an extra kick to go to the gym. A pack of 1,000 ENERGYbits retails for $115.00 but lucky you, ENERGYbits wants to let one of you try a sample out for free.

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  1. candice vermule says:

    Energy is a must naturally is so much better

    7.22.13 ·
  2. I would love to use EnergyBits for my long runs.

    7.20.13 ·
  3. Deirdre says:

    EnergyBits would improve my energy levels greatly! In the mornings I struggle to work out, so I think EnergyBits would help me lose weight, become a better runner, and retain my dance figure!

    7.19.13 ·
  4. 1st recommendation, don’t use Windows Movie Maker. LOL I’m just kidding, I’ve used it before but I prefer not to if I have the option.

    I love using energybits! I’ve had a sample tin sent to me before. They actually “help me” keep my water consumption up. It takes between 16-24 oz of water for me to get 30 pills down.

    7.18.13 ·
    • Cecil: what do you use instead of Windows Movie Maker? 🙂

      7.19.13 ·
      • It’s been a while since I’ve made any video editing software. I know I used Nero at times, which also allows you to make DVDs. I heard that Freemake is supposed to be pretty decent. There is also Lightworks, but if you haven’t done much editing it takes some time to learn.

        7.19.13 ·
        • Thank you! I’ll be checking these out asap!

          7.20.13 ·
  5. Nellie says:

    I need some energy too and I totally trust your recommendation!!

    7.17.13 ·
  6. I need all the energy I can get so here goes nothing! 🙂

    7.17.13 ·
  7. Amanda says:

    I’ve been looking for something more natural to try to energize me through my workouts. (I’m doing P90X right now) I’ve been using drinks from GNC or which are ok but not the most natural of things.

    7.16.13 ·
  8. Ohhhh video issues! Technology can be quite like little cranky BB – ha ha ha! And I have had my fare share of frustrations!

    And OO LA LA! These look pretty cool! I am gunna try and WIN 😉

    7.16.13 ·
  9. Cara says:

    Would love to try these!! In fact I could use some this afternoon!! I am draggggggin! 🙂

    7.16.13 ·
  10. I have been looking to try Energy Bits! Thanks for the detailed description!

    7.16.13 ·
  11. Ugh! That is so frustrating about the video. Unfortunately I don’t have any great tips for you. Maybe if you use a camera and then upload the movie it might work better?

    7.16.13 ·
    • Lucky me…my hubby just bought me a camera for my birthday so I am going to test that out this week hopefully.

      7.16.13 ·

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