Cyc Fitness #Skyride Review

Cyc Fitness Skyride

I’m pretty sure that you are going to get tired of me talking about Cyc Fitness, but I promise that I will not stop until every single one of you take a ride with me. Okay, maybe not every single one of you because I am pretty sure my legs would fall off, but at least a handful! 

A few weekends ago, I attended my first Skyride with Cyc Fitness and fell in love with this method of spinning even more. I was first introduced to Cyc at the bobble SPORT event that I attended about a month ago and it only took one class with Kyle Kleiboeker to get me hooked. When I saw the promotions on Twitter for a Skyride (a 30 minute rooftop spin class with a combination of a 30 minute hip hop yoga class), I had to sign up. 

Cyc Fitness Skyride

That morning, it looked like it was about to rain, but I still made my way downtown since the Skyride takes place rain or shine. I was a little nervous since I went solo, but I knew it would be fun regardless. The Mondrian Soho was a gorgeous hotel and I knew that I would be able to meet some new spin enthusiasts. And I did!

Cyc Fitness Skyride

They had the class set up just like the classes at the Cyc Fitness studio downtown (shoes, towels, ect). But this time we also had some additional swag as you can see from the picture above. I attempted to ride in these glasses, but I got a little dizzy so I had to take them off shortly after the ride started. 

The 30 minute class was just as intense as the 45 minute versions in the studio so I was grateful for the rooftop breeze. I was sweaty, out of breath, and mouthing the words to almost every song that Kyle selected for his playlist. 

Cyc Fitness Skyride

Now a word about Kyle’s classes because when I talk about Cyc, I always have to mention Kyle. I absolutely love his style. Period. I think this is honestly why I love the Cyc method so much. The flow of the upbeat pop, hip hop, and soul music always has me forgetting that my legs are burning and sweat is dripping into my eyes less than 10 minutes into the class. He is a huge motivator and always pushes you to do just a little bit more. 

At Cyc, they also incorporate hand weights and I have also seen some additional definition in my arms as a result of these classes! Kyle does a mix of traditional arm exercises (bicep curls, tricep kick backs, ect) but also adds in some boxing which I love. Did I mention that he also makes his love for Beyonce very clear in class when her songs come on? Clearly, his classes were made for me to love. He also does a few moves to target the glutes that I have never seen in another spin class before. 

Cyc Fitness Skyride

After the spin portion, they had a mini juice bar set up so we could all re hydrate before the yoga portion of the event. I opted for the GLO, which had a lemon + grapefruit type of flavor that I really enjoyed.

Cyc Fitness SkyrideAnd last but not least was the yoga portion of the event. The instructor was fabulous and had a great mix of old school and new school hip hop for us to do some traditional yoga poses too. As much as I was still on a high from the spin class, I really enjoyed calming down with some yoga before heading home for the evening. It allowed my body to relax and stretch my muscles a bit which always helps me avoid being overly sore the next day.

Overall, I loved the experience of spinning on a rooftop. The music, the wind, the swag, the yoga afterwards… it was all great and I am looking forward to my next Skyride. I know Cyc also does a few bootcamps too, but they start with a 1 mile run, and me and running do not get along so I will stick to spinning. 

And, just so you know, I don’t work for Cyc and I also wasn’t compensated for this review. I am just realy enjoying the Cyc experience! I took a class with the founder, Keoni Hudoba, and he was epic! He even brought a drum out during the class. I’ve already purchased a pack of classes so I plan to try out a few instructors to see how they add their own flair to the Cyc method too. 

If you are in the NYC area and want to take a ride with me, shoot me an email! I’m addicted and I’d love to be there to introduce you to this spin class.

Have you ever taken a rooftop fitness class?


  1. You know the next time I’m in town, I’ll go with you. I love spinning and this place seems awesome.

    9.24.14 ·
    • That would be so much fun! 🙂 Just let me know when you’ll be here next.

      9.25.14 ·

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