Beyoncé is just like me

In my freezing cold walk to work this morning, I was thinking a lot about a Beyoncé interview that I listened to on the train. If you don’t know by  now, I love me some Beyoncé. I have no shame. I will profess my love for her from the rooftops and catch myself twerking bopping my head on the train to her music on most of my morning commutes.

This interview was about her recent surprise album release and she answered questions directly from her fans using Instagram videos. One answer in particular caught my attention. A fan asked her who was “Yoncé”. Was this Beyoncé, Sasha Fierce, or a brand spankin’ new alter ego? And what did it mean? (If you haven’t listened to her album, she has a song called Yoncé “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker …Yoncé all on his mouth like liquor …”)

Do it like Beyonce

She revealed that  A. this wasn’t something she came up with and B. Yoncé is Beyoncé. Prior to this album, she felt the need to use an alter ego, or another version of herself to express certain feelings, but now she acknowledges and celebrates the fact that she is multifaceted and multidimensional.

When I heard her say this, it reminded me of how I felt when I finally shared my last name with you last week. I felt such a sigh of relief that now I don’t have to hide so much about myself anymore. If you want to Google me and find out what I do in my full time profession; you can. If my employer Googles me, they will most likely find this blog.

As a person, and especially as a women, we have so many layers. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, career women, bloggers, lovers, girlfriends, best friends, ambassadors, care takers, vixens, story tellers, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, brands, and so much more! I often find that I segment myself into different versions of myself; the same way Beyoncé talked about. (For some reason, I think this all comes across if you follow me on Instagram… but that’s a whole different story.) 

At work I know that I am all about my business, as it should be. But I have been told that I can even appear to be unapproachable because I am so serious. With my friends, they laugh when they hear this because I am a fool. I love to laugh, joke, dance, and play around. I am also extremely affectionate. Once you are in my inner circle, be prepared for extra hugs, hand written notes, and random acts of kindness. Dare I say that sometimes I also want to feel sexy?!?! So I’ll dress myself up and go out with my girls and dance until I can’t feel my legs.

All of these facets are normal. We are all multifaceted.

I had planned for a completely different post today, but this was fresh on my mind so I wanted to share with you. I’ve seen so many posts about being fearless in 2014 in the blogging community. I have also written about being bare and fearless plenty of times too. My wish for myself, and all of my readers is that we can all be our best selves this year; multifaceted, beautiful and courageous human beings.


If you want to see the Beyoncé interview, follow this link


  1. I am a super Yonce fan myself, you get no arguments from me about anything in this post. I think the majority of our blog friends will share this characteristic, I mean really…this isn’t easy work! Most of us have so many other things going on. I love everything that Beyonce represents and there are several mini versions of her walking around on different levels, you are a prime example of one of them. Keep up the good work!

    1.8.14 ·
    • Thanks, Joi! In my head, you play a little Yonce in your classes. I just can’t help but feel motivated when I listen to her music.

      + yes, bloggers are some of the supreme multidimensional, multitasking people around!

      1.10.14 ·
  2. So true sista!

    Genuinely love this post.

    Love from Marbella, Spain x

    1.8.14 ·
  3. ^^ I love Melissa’s comment! Fantastic post. you know I love me some yonce just like you. We are all definitely multi faceted we have so many sides to our personalities and we have the ability to change so many!! Your blog is a part of you, and you are here to stay!!

    1.8.14 ·
    • I already know! You’d be right there with me twerking on the train! lol 🙂 & thanks, girlie. You know MY is here to stay!

      1.8.14 ·
  4. The unplanned posts are usually some of our deepest ones.

    Love this and hey, I can definitely relate to having a favorite artist unexpectedly inspire some earth shattering wisdom.

    I feel like the ultra fierce Kimberly has been unleashed in 2014 and I like it!

    1.8.14 ·
    • Hahahaha, oh gosh, Melissa! I like ultra fierce though… I’ll try to embrace and release it more! 🙂

      I totally agree that unplanned post tend to be better. They have more heart! 🙂

      1.8.14 ·
  5. Faith says:

    Such a fantastic post! You are an extremely great writer!

    I want to take more risks this year too! One of my big goals for this year. Thank you for sharing more of yourself with us. And unapproachable? It’s funny because I’ve thought the complete opposite about you.

    1.7.14 ·
    • THANK YOU!!!! I am really working on it.

      That’s what my blog friends say too. I am much more lighthearted online than at work. I guess I am also less nervous about sharing too because there are no immediate responses… and I can ignore negative ones if I want to.

      1.8.14 ·
  6. I think this is one of your best posts yet! As somebody who wasn’t a fan of this album initially, watching this interview gave me a new perspective and helped me appreciate it much better instead of being so disappointed that raunchy new “Yonce” wasn’t pumping out the girlpower dance tunes that I’ve grown to love from Beyonce. We are all multifaceted and I think by showing a new and more risque side of herself, Bey is empowering many women to go ahead and show the world a different layer of themselves as well. Happy to see more of you coming out on MY, can’t wait for the rest of 2014!

    1.7.14 ·
    • Thanks, C! I felt like the video was so candid and you really got to see Beyonce just speak freely. I am also so excited that you are onboard with #teambey again. lol

      1.8.14 ·
  7. Putting more of me into my blog this year is def one of my goals as well..I talk about the things i do and what im passionate about but i want my readers to really get to know ME! And I love me some Beyonce too..”Flawless” always makes me feel like I can get up and take over anything lol

    1.7.14 ·
    • Girl, yes! #iwakeuplikethis #flawless

      Putting the extra me in blogging makes me love blogging even more. Wishing you the best… and just go for it.

      1.8.14 ·
    • OMG! just clicked on your blog and I LOVE your hair. I am planning on getting a cut on Friday too, so we shall see…

      1.8.14 ·
  8. I love this post! You are so right and it is so true that when we express ourselves, we often find that we are most comfortable expressing only a part of ourselves. I know that there are parts of me that I don’t want to show the world. What a thought provoking piece. Thanks Kimberly!

    1.7.14 ·
    • I feel the same way…. working to embrace and express it has been hard work, but it feel SO good to not worry about it when I do. I rewrote the line about feeling sexy about 100 times before I hit post. But I thought to myself, gosh… most of my readers are women… married…and many with kids… I hope at one point they all wanted to feel sexy for their husbands/boyfriends/partners! lol If they judge me… then I will just keep it moving.

      1.8.14 ·

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