There's a reason why you feel like everybody else has got it together.


(And it's not because something is wrong with you.)

The truth is that you need a process to "get it all together" so you can create a dynamic life and career without losing yourself along the way. 

(You can't learn the process through watching free webinars, downloading free workbooks online, and browsing the personal + professional development section of Barnes & Noble.)

 if you're

  • A woman who's passionate about becoming her best self and tired of looking for the "next best thing" to change her life
  • Stuck in a cycle of creating BIG goals and not achieving them
  • Dreading Monday mornings when you walk into your ho-hum job with responsibilities that you no longer get excited about
  • Overwhelmed and frustrated with testing out new systems to paper planners that never help you truly organize your life
  • Hating that every year you set new goals and wonder where the entire year went on December 31

you could be

  • Excited that when you look in the mirror everyday, you finally see a woman who reflects your ultimate goals for your life
  • Creating BIG goals and effortlessly achieving them due to a strategic plan you've created that aligns with your personal + professional development goals
  • Enthusiastic about the career you've created for yourself and loving your workplace environment
  • Using a system to keep yourself organized and motivated
  • Seeing your vision finally become your reality

The only reason why you aren't experiencing this life RIGHT now is because you don't have the tools, accountability, and support you need to literally change your life.

When you're a woman who is finally creating a dynamic career and life, there's no time to keep playing small. You've got to stop all the late night girl's nights with too much wine where you complain about the state of your life and create a plan for you to become the woman you think only exists in movies. 

Trust me, that life is actually possible. You just have to create it for yourself.

The only thing that "She" has that you don't right now - is a plan that's created just for her. Whoever this "She" is to you - know that she has invested in herself to get exactly where she is today.

After years of not living up to my own full potential, I finally started to do something about it by investing in my own personal + professional development. 


Over the span of 3 years, I:

  • Invested in 5 personal + professional development programs to help reinvigorate my personal life and career
  • Learned the "secret" to networking to make the connections I needed to expedite my career (and continuously get promoted to higher paying jobs!)
  • Dedicated countless hours to implementing processes and systems proven to increase motivation and decrease procrastination
  • Built a solid community of friends and entrepreneurs who serve as accountability partners
  • Sought out the best resources, conferences, and books to "level up" my entire life


If you're finally ready to level-up, play big, and stop procrastinating -

I can help you create a dynamic life and career.


With my signature personal + professional development coaching program, you can start experiencing a change in as little as 60-90 days. Here's a sample of what we will work on together:


And specifically for those interested in the professional development coaching, we cover the following topics AND MORE!


Crafting a Plan of Attack for Your Career

Resumes + Cover Letters

Building a Personal Brand Online + Offline

How to Network to Get the Connections You Need

Tracking Your Job Search

Interviewing Skills to Ensure You Make It to the Second Round

Networking Essentials Once You Land the Job


While every woman deserves to create a dynamic career + life, not every woman is ready to put in the work to create this life for herself.

I understand that this may sound a bit harsh - but it's 100% true. My work is a combination of personal + professional development coaching, so I am often able to spot the women who just aren't ready yet. Essentially, they want to be "about that life" but they just aren't ready to put the work in.

While I have several programs and services to help women at all levels, I’m very specific about the kind of women I work with in this very high-value, one-on-one coaching program.

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is for:

  • Women who see coaching as an investment in their personal + professional development
  • Women who are self-reflective and open to making adjustments to habits that are holding them back from achieving success
  • Women who are in entry-level to mid-career level roles looking to make strategic moves to take their careers to the next level
  • Women who are open to receiving honest feedback and enjoy a challenge
  • Women who are ready to take action and don't feel weighed down with the desire to procrastinate
  • Women who believe that they can create a dynamic life and career 

This high-level, 1-on-1 coaching program is NOT for:

  • Women who are set on finding a "quick fix" to all of their problems
  • Women who are not open to receiving and implementing feedback
  • Women who are unsure of what they would like their ultimate life and career to look like
  • Women who are not able to financially invest in their personal + professional development at this time
  • Women who are “shopping” for coaches and only interested in scheduling free calls to see what resources they would be able to acquire and are not in need of immediate support
  • Women who are paralyzed by fear and not able to push past the resistance they experience

If you know that this is for you, schedule a call to see if we’re a good fit: