5 Reasons Why You Should Attend The Empowerment Social

The Empowerment Social is happening THIS Saturday.Every day that I work towards putting this event together, I realize how important this type of event is to my community. Just in case you haven’t seen all of my social media posts (I know I’ve been flooding your timelines) – check out the 5 reasons why you should attend The Empowerment Social.

1. You’re able to mix a party and personal + professional development.

There are parties. And there are networking events. There are professional conferences. And there are day parties. But rarely do these different types of events mix and mingle… until The Empowerment Social. 

This event allow attendees to party, network, and receive valuable information from experts in career development, fitness, personal development, and entrepreneurship. It’s going to be an experience that you can bring your full self to – truly a personal and professional development experience.

2. Our sponsors want to help you do more in your career.

We have sponsors who are looking to support and recruit minority professionals in a fun environment. They understand that millennials like to have fun, but we are also passionate about growing in our careers. 

National Sales Network of New York and New Jersey is an organization that promotes the personal and professional development of individuals interested in a career in sales. I’ve been attending their events for the past year and love how they mix networking with informational panels, conferences, and events. I’ve met amazing people at these events and seen several members get direct access to hiring managers that have led to job offers and the start of successful careers at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific, and Pfizer. NSN will also be bringing along a few recruiter friends to network with the attendees.

Jopwell is a diversity recruiting platform that focuses on providing career opportunities to black and brown millennials. I’ve been writing for their blog, The Well, over the past year and I am obsessed with not only the information they provide, but the delivery of the information. They know who their audience is, so they provide insightful yet impactful information. Members of their team will be onsite to chat about their free recruiting platform and how the attendees can leverage the opportunities for their own careers.

3. The speakers are ready to empower you to do more, be more, and achieve more – in quick, actionable talks.

Ya’ll know I love to conduct workshops and speak to audiences, but this time around, I wanted to bring in subject matter experts to empower the attendees. Studies show that we all have super short attention spans, so I’ve asked the speakers to create 10-12 minute empowerment talks that give you something actionable to do after the event.

I’ve attended SO many personal and professional development events over the past few years and I hate the feeling of being inspired, but not knowing exactly what to do when I get home. Knowing this, my goal is to make sure that everyone leaves with the motivation and information to take a step towards their goals immediately following this event.

4. You’ll be in the room with professionals like YOU.

This is the type of event that attracts a certain type of audience. Not to say that people are excluded – but it takes a special type of professional to value personal and professional development AND a day party. 

In my professional career, it’s rare that you can walk into a room and really be encouraged, celebrated, and valued for being yourself. The person who loves a little trap music, but still knows how to navigate through a mid-level career interview. That’s what this event is all about. Networking and collaborating in an environment that is primed for fun and success. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be able to meet with other professionals who have similar interests and can help you excel in your career… and have listened to the new 4:44 album

Also, there will name tags that indicate what industry you’re in so it’s easy to identify other attendees throughout the event. 

5. You can support local businesses from your peers.

I am passionate about supporting small businesses – especially those from entrepreneurs who have their stuff together! I’m not talking about those small businesses where you feel like you have to decrease your expectations when receiving a product either – I’m talking about the small businesses where the founders are passionate and driven to provide the best customer experience. They are growing brands that I’m sure will become household staples in the new few years.

You’ve still got time to grab your tickets! I really hope to see you there on Saturday!