#140You Conference Experience

When Jeff Pulver tweeted me late last week to be a part of the Twitter Team for the #140You conference, I jumped at the chance. I was only able to attend on Tuesday, but the amount of information that I got in one day was mind-boggling. On Wednesday, there was even a live broadcast, so I was able to tune in at work in between career counseling appointments.

Now, the main thing that was different about this conference was the format. Instead of having 2-3 sessions offered in a given time frame, they had over thirty 5, 10, or 20 minute sessions on various topics running back to back throughout the day. YES. I did say over 30 sessions. If you have a few minutes or two, I would go ahead and scroll through the #140you hashtag to see what was happening in those 2 days. If attendees got a bit overwhelmed, they also had a press room with snacks and a few companies to schmooze with.

Blueberries and Almonds #140You140You Sponsors Withings and Eaten Lightened
Straight from the founder, Jeff Pulver, some of the many conference highlights included:

  • A live tweeted yoga session w/ @tarastiles
  • Listening to @mallikachopra talk to me (@jeffpulver) about how I changed my body and started my journey.
  • A #glutenfree lifestyle panel
  • Learning about trying every health fad with @ajjacobs
  • Getting inspired w/ @Gabbybernstein
  • Losing weight and gaining confidence with @Sadiekurzban
  • A panel on living with devices.
  • How social media  makes us healthier w/ @carriekerpen
  • A 1 ton panel for people who  have lost a ton of weight
  • How food is medicine with @markhymanmd

I had a few favorites of my own though. These 3 people spoke more about body image, self-confidence, embracing who you are, and fitting in workouts anywhere shamelessly.
140You SpeakersOn Wednesday, I also listened in and caught Meghan Telpner talking about her experience with being sick and recovering through eating unprocessed, clean foods. She literally cured herself from the symptoms of an illness. I was so inspired that I went ahead and bought her book, The Undiet. I started browsing it already, but I hope to finish it during one of my million hour flights to or from Portland, Oregon this week.

I also got to meet not 1, but 2 fellow FitFluential Ambassadors! I was too excited. Martinus from 300 Pounds and Running and I planned to meet up at the event and when we got there, we ran into Erin from Girl Gone Veggie. (Sorry for the terrible picture! All of them came out so grainy, but I wanted everyone to see ya’ll!)

FitFluential Ambassadors

Overall, I really enjoyed the conference. It was completely different from anything I have ever experienced conference-wise. Have you ever been to a conference that had a similar format?


  1. Carli says:

    I would have been totally overwhelmed! That’s a lot of choices! I would have loved to have heard the trying every health fad talk. That sounds interesting to me.

    Your waist looks teeny, tiny in that pic! Whoot! 🙂

    6.25.13 ·

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